Siebel and OBIEE Consulting Customer Quotes

Japan Tobacco International : “I wanted to send you some feedback regarding Kieran. I couldn’t have been more happy with his professionalism, product knowledge and the quality of the delivery.”

UDG : “Good job, smooth go live. We wouldn’t use anyone else for Siebel consultancy”

Vulcan Materials : “Michael’s performance on the project was outstanding. He joined the project at a very delicate state but was able to turn it around to a successful one in a very short period of time. His communication skills are levels beyond excellent for someone with such a short time in the business world. I loved working with him and so did all the other team members and managers he worked with. His performance on the project and quality of work was certainly above expectations. Very honest and knowledgeable. To the point communication. Always exceeded expectations.”

Open Text UK : “Steve was extremely knowledgable around Siebel and got to grips with the project very quickly. Always very responsive and very good to work with.”

BNP Paribas : “Jay and David have done exceptionally well in providing a supportable technical solution to a problem in a difficult technology. Additionally, they have been able to cope gracefully with changing requirements. The quality of Customer Systems resources always seems to be very high.”

Reckitt Benckiser : “Stephen is an excellent consultant and an excellent Siebel developer. The speed he is able to turn issues around has been fantastic. I have been very pleased with all the work Mark has delivered. He has been able to solve some complex problems at amazing speed. The whole team at Customer Systems have been fantastic and I would be pleased to work with them on future projects.”

a customer in the financial services sector : “I’m not filling out that twaddle. Jon was excellent. He was well presented. His communications skills were excellent. He was reliable and turned in excellent work exactly when it was required. We love you all and will happily employ you again should the occasion arise.”

Cerner Corporation : “Michael was very professional and had extensive knowledge regarding the installation of the new Analytics application. All of the associates that interacted with him throughout the week were impressed with the information that he had regarding Siebel applications; including Analytics, Actuate, and CRM. I, personally, am extremely impressed with his work ethic. He was working on the installation within 10 minutes of coming in the doors and his attention for the entire week was focused on ensuring that all required tasks were completed. He also has a personality that allowed him to interact with the team with ease from the start of his assignment, which helped us to participate in the activities required for the upgrade rather than just observe them.”

“It was very clear that Dave understood Cerner’s needs and the direction our team wanted to go with the project. He clearly showed that he had expertise in the Siebel Marketing area where we had previously struggled to find anyone in other companies with comparable knowledge . He was very easy to work with, accomplished what we wanted in the time demanded, and did it without a lot of assistance from our team.

Hands down the experience I have had so far is that the Customer Systems consultants are among the best I have worked with as far as skills, knowledge, and professionalism when it comes to Siebel configuration.”

“Did a great job.”

Abbott Laboratories, Chicago : “All of them were great to work with. Great communication skills and approach to their customers. Quick to understand the situation and resolve issues.”

Muller Martini Corp. : “His knowledge was outstanding.”

Cognity SA, Greece : “Very professional.”

West Bromwich Building Society : “Hervé has been a real asset to this project. His work has consistently been of a very high standard. His communication and listening skills are excellent and he has fitted well into the permanent team and will be greatly missed by all members of the team. He has worked hard and shown commitment beyond what is normally expected of a consultant. I thank him for that commitment and hard work and would not hesitate to use him again for any future Siebel related project where additional resource is needed. Hervé is by far the most experienced and competent Siebel consultant we have used to date.”

Guidant Europe : “Very quick to understand and adapt to our environment. Needs little supervision. CV is understating the consultant’s capabilities.”

Leeds City Council : “Minesh very quickly understood the requirements and delivered what was requirerd as a high quality and fully tested solution. We were impressed that the work was completed ahead of schedule and without shortcuts. In addition Minesh left us with comprehensive documentation.”

“Customer Systems Consultants are more reliable, better skilled and deliver ahead of target.”

“The quality of Rob’s work and the professional attitude he has shown are a real credit to Customer Systems.”

“As well as clearly being very competent at a highly technical level, Jay has also been incredibly adaptable to the many business demands we have asked of her, and flexible with the solutions she has proposed and implemented to meet those demands. From our point of view, we now have a great product which has added loads of value to our reporting function. Jay has been really pleasant to work with and we have enjoyed her company in the office. We will be very sad to see her go, and would be more than happy to work with her again in the future should the need arise.”

Invitrogen Corp. : “Phil’s knowledge and skillset on Actuate is definitely superior to any other consultant that we used in the past. The reports requested by us were very complex and that was not an issue for Phil. I am glad I found your company when I needed it most!.”

Gallaher Ltd : “Mike was very capable of helping us with the queries that we had. He completed the work well within the time frame we had put aside. Overall very impressed with the work he did for us.”

Morley Fund Management : “We have consistently found the Customer Systems consultants to be of the highest professional standard, with the ability to interact at all levels within Morley. They have demonstrated an ability to quickly understand our business and information systems to offer practical solutions to often complex problems.

All consultants have a thorough knowledge of Actuate and database applications. We have also found that solid project management is applied when Customer Systems teams have been deployed in our business, ensuring there is clear visibility of the work being undertaken.

Customer Systems have also been flexible and responsive to our resource requirements. We considered off-shoring our Actuate development, but we have found that the ability of the Customer Systems to work with the business to understand our requirements has set them apart from other consultants.”

ATS Euromaster : “Smashing guy – quick to understand business process and requirements. Pleasure to have worked with him. Customer Systems consultants are always highly experienced and always perform an excellent role

Very impressed with Paul. Customer Systems consultants are the most professional.”

EDF Energy : “Paul proved to be an invaluable member of the team and integrated quickly and easily. He displayed excellent technical knowledge and was extremely professional at all times with a very can do attitude and excellent self motivation. Paul would certainly rank as one of the most proficient and able consultants we have used during the life of the project and would prove to be a strong addition to any team.”

Threadneedle : “What can I say – Sam was a credit to himself and Customer Systems. We were all extremely impressed with both his technical knowledge and his willingness to help and offer solutions to long standing problems. All in all a really stellar performance and I’d have no hesitation in recommending that we use Customer Systems in the future.”

Elsevier : “The nature of the project required a consultant with a broad base of skills from business analysis through to technical architecture and configuration capability and Jon has certainly provided this. Jon also gets on with everyone in the team and in the office very well.”

“Matt was an excellent member of the team. As a senior/lead for the design of back office components he showed leadership and dedication with excellent subject knowledge to progress to pragmatic solutions. This particular role required Matt to stretch his knowledge and scope to beyond CRM – he took up the challenge admirably and as an opportunity to acquire knowledge – Thank you.”

World Trade Group : “Shima is a fantastic consultant. Informed, able and a pleasure to work with. Customer Systems as a whole have always been able to successfully complete the tasks they have undertaken. We are happy with the work completed so far. We have used other developers who also specialise in Siebel Dev, and in comparison, Customer Systems have been able to deliver a better standard of service.”

HP Indigo, Boston : “In only two days you helped us configure our Actuate servers and migrate all our Actuate reports from Siebel 6.2 to Siebel 7.5 We are grateful for your expertise, responsiveness and conscientiousness.

I have been extremely pleased with all the engagements we have had with Customer Systems. Your consultants always do a great job !”

3M : “The feedback from my team was that Graham was the best consultant we have used.”

“I was delighted with the work Sam did while he was here. He achieved more than I was expecting and the quality of work seems excellent. His knowledge of his area was also very high. He went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed, and he suggested giving us an overview of Actuate in Siebel 7 which was very useful. He also wrote up a couple of brief reference documents to supplement the Siebel Bookshelf.”

“I have a very high regard for Jon and would be happy to bring him into 3M again in the future.”

“I was very impressed with the efforts from your team – in particular the diligence Charlie displayed throughout the project. He demonstrated a real desire to do the right thing and worked through all issues proactively with the project stakeholders.”

“Patrick is an excellent consultant. His attention to detail and his willingness to go beyond what is expected is superb. The quality of his deliverables are always to a very high standard and he represents great value to 3M as he understands exactly what we are trying to achieve. In addition to his knowledge, the whole team enjoys working with him and he fits in well. He is without doubt one of the very best we have had on site and we would have no hesitation of having him back to work for us again.”

Diageo Great Britain : “On behalf of Diageo Great Britain, I would like to thank Martin for all of his help over the past couple of weeks. Martin proved to be an excellent resource – always extremely polite, incredibly hardworking, and was fantastic at translating business requirements (however vague) into the required reports.”

“Chris was a great resource.”

Christies : “James is a very dedicated consultant. He is very hard working and flexible. I look forward to working with him again. Good attitude as well.”

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Louisiana : “Jonathan has been doing an excellent job here and we appreciate his hard work. He always presents in a very professional manner, and does good documentation and weekly status reports. He provided very valuable technical assistance to a Blue Cross report developer who has learned a lot of Actuate knowledge from Jonathan.”

Express Scripts, St Paul, Minnesota : “Jo provided competent, customized and highly engaged training to a group of 7 ESI members who are charged with Siebel reporting responsibilities. Several participants reported significant breakthroughs as a result of Jo’s training.”

Nomura: “There really isn’t much to say as Stuart is such a brilliant and excellent individual to work with. He takes great pride in his work and has always met his deadlines. The best ever so far.”

Boehringer Ingelheim: “I was very impressed with Jon’s ability to understand the business needs as well as the technical requirements.”

“Excellent focus and commitment with ‘can do’ attitude.”

“Punctual, friendly, willing to listen and proactive – very impressed.”

“All the Customer Systems people I have worked with have been of a very high standard indeed. Very knowledgeable and approachable and keen to get involved where they can make the most difference.”

“I was very impressed with the way Eva conducted her work here with us. I feel she did an excellent job and her work has been very useful to us. A good match of straight talk and technical excellence. Very easy to integrate into existing teams.”

“Shima was an excellent person to have working with us – She fitted into our small team very well and we enjoyed having her with us. Her technical ability was very impressive and she made excellent progress with our project.”

NRG : “Adam is a very dedicated and professional individual and was a pleasure to have on site. He absorbs and interprets business requirements impressively and accurately. We will certainly use his skill set again in the future when we further develop the Siebel application.”

Merrill Lynch : “I feel safe in their hands.”

npower : “Ilhan has been a real asset to the team. He has strong technical skills teamed with good interpersonal skills. Ilhan delivered all of his work ahead of schedule and then gave his time to other team members to help them in their specific areas.”

“Paul has been a valued member of the team and I’ve been particularly impressed with his determination to complete a challenge.”

“Customer Systems consultants are focused on the customer’s needs rather than following their own employer’s agenda. This is a very valuable trait.”

Erickson Retirement Communities, Baltimore: “Graham was a pleasure to work with. He’s sharp, hard working and eager to get problems solved. He was very good at keeping me informed of his progress and any issues he was encountering at every step and he listened well. I wouldn’t hesitate to have him back to work on other Siebel projects if he was available.”

Novartis Pharmaceuticals, NJ : “Scott was excellent to work with. NO COMPARISON!”

“Both Helen and Jeremy proved to be fantastic. Their work ethic, technical knowledge, ability to pick up the business aspects, commitment to success and their personalities were all TOP NOTCH. Quite frankly little comparison with other consultants. FAR SUPERIOR to anyone I’ve used before.”

“I don’t know where to start with the accolades surrounding Jeremy…he’s been phenomenal.”

“You know that I always like to let you know when I am TOTALLY AMAZED at your folks (that is even above my normal expectations). Charlie did an outstanding job on writing a specific Business Service for me. He did it in just a few hours and put so much functionality in it for me for future use. I can’t tell you enough how IMPRESSED I am with what he did!”

“Andy is EXTREMELY talented. I would welcome Andy back ANYTIME!”

“Ilhan is an excellent role model. No matter who he deals with (colleagues, IT or the Business), he is always 100% professional. Ilhan always comes up with ways to get the job done.”

Axa-IM, France : “Très bonne expertise Siebel en plus d’une excellente capacité d’analyse qui permettent d’apporter des réponses adaptées a la situation. Malgré des interventions sur sites peu fréquentes, l’implémentation sur le projet est totale et permanente. L’équipe AXA-IM est entièrement satisfaite de la prestation de Malcolm. Les compétences et les qualités de Malcolm font que la prestation est d’ excellente qualité.”

Tryg: “Hervé is the best !!!!!”

“Helen excelled in all areas!! Superior !!”

“Both Zeshan and Hervé did a fine job. They are easy to work with, very knowledgeable and hard working.”

The Excite Network, Inc.: “James did a great job. He accomplished the changes we needed and more! Also, he maintained an excellent focus and was very pleasant to work with.”

Superfos Packaging : “Very knowledgeable and fast. He saw opportunities in the challenges instead of problems. He truly did a great job!”

Ford Credit : “Chris showed dedication to the project and always did whatever was necessary to deliver tasks on time and with high quality, even when under pressure. One of Chris’s great strengths is his communication skill, in both verbal and written format. It’s been a pleasure working with him; and we are sorry to see him leave the project now that we have successfully delivered our objectives. Chris was extremely hard working and demonstrated great depth of knowledge in many areas. He thought outside the box when dealing with issues and became very much part of the team rather than adopting an outsider’s stance.”

Highwoods Properties Inc. : “Our goal was to find a tool that would present the information in a meaningful, easy to use format but would also be powerful enough to provide the capability to do some additional information gathering using a drill-down type function.

“The implementation of the Management Dashboard went extremely well. The Customer Systems’ staff was very customer oriented. I was very impressed with David’s knowledge of both the Management Dashboard product and Actuate. Based on the success of our engagement, I would certainly use them again.”

LexisNexis : “Nimer exhibited superior knowledge of the subject matter. He was able to find problems quickly and come to us with solutions. He was precise & clear in his communications. He has shown a commitment to the project & was very proactive. He was a very nice addition to our team. A cut above the rest!”

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young : “I find Jon to be a most affable person with excellent knowledge of a very complex product. Jon gave some invaluable advice on the structure of the reports based on previous experience, which has resulted in praise from unexpected quarters.”

“Alan was a very pleasant and professional consultant to work with. He was really enthusiastic in gaining the goals. He asked for work when he finished his previous work. We miss him!”

“Their contribution to the project was more than essential and, if we had known beforehand, we would have contracted them earlier on the project. All Customer Systems consultants have a quality that is absolutely needed for every Siebel project.”

“Even when faced with problems which seemed insurmountable, Jon has always come up with a solution.”

“Chris delivered early and above customer expectation. As a project manager I am delighted with his performance and most appreciative of his commitment to the project team and deliverables. First class.”

“I found Malcolm to be dedicated to the task, informative about the actions he was taking and extremely professional. I would recommend him highly to others.”

Orange: “Andrew has worked for me for over 4 months on our Actuate project. He has always delivered quality reports in short timescales. He has excellent knowledge of the product, limitations, workarounds and has always come up with effective solutions no matter how bizarre or difficult the requirements ! Quite often our specifications for individual reports are rather ‘woolly’ and we leave Andrew to fill in the blanks and to decide the best presentation method for the report.”

Aventis Pharma : “Made a very significant contribution to the project success. Ability to understand the business requirements and reflect these requirements in our application has been excellent. Communication and technical skills far exceeded those of consultants we have used in the past.”

Janssen Pharmaceuticals : “You managed to get our Actuate reports done in a short time, and even in a multilingual way. I also enjoyed your professionalism and behaviour in our team. I am already looking forward to making use of your services again later this year.”

ABN Amro : “He is very talented and, more importantly, delivers on his promises.”

AXA Sun-Life : “Mark D. was first class.”

Accenture : “Mark K. is really a star.”

“Mark D. was an excellent asset to the team. His subject knowledge was wide, enabling him to help other members of the project team with Siebel implementation as well as performing the tasks necessary for implementing a CTI interface to Siebel. The code and customisations implemented by Mark D. were faultless.”

“During the period in which I worked with Malcolm, I was consistently impressed with his extreme dedication to the delivery of a quality system within the agreed timeframes.”

“Hervé is highly motivated and committed to his work. Hervé is a hard worker who provided substantial support to his team and to his project. Hervé established personal credibility with clients and others. Hervé is able to handle complex problems as well as critical situations. He is a very reliable person.”

Siebel Systems UK Ltd : “I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to other clients – although I would be reluctant to do this if it risked us having the first refusal!!”

“First rate and dependable.”

“Customer Systems’ consultants are always reliably good.”

“Easily above the others – they are focused, precise, pay attention to detail, require minimal supervision; excellent consultants all round. I have always ensured Customer Systems consultants are on my project.”

“Stuart is the best Actuate consultant I have met.”

“As always, another exceptional consultant from Customer Systems but Paul would always be a number 1 draft in any team I was putting together.”

Siebel Systems Deutschland GmbH : “Simon was instrumental in the success of the project; very good knowledge of Actuate development, very well dedicated to the success of the project, reliable, with good communications skills. We appreciate his patience and professsionalism under pretty difficult circumstances in this project.”

CSC : “Steve joined the project and very quickly got to grips with the application needs and projects structure. His work was excellent as expected and the effort he put in was also excellent. I would overall rate Steve highly and would certainly not hesitate in using him again.”

Stepstone : “Scott was brought in to work on the Siebel 99.6 to 2000 conversion for Stepstone. This task was finished early and he was able to spend a significant amount of time helping us with problems concerning our production system and put in a notable amount of effort to get things working. His knowledge of Siebel was excellent.”

Philip Morris, Netherlands : “Very professional and a very structured approach.”

“As usual Customer Systems sent us a very professional consultant.”

SITEL UK : “Attitude, commitment and standard of work were always excellent at all times.”

“I found Jonathan a pleasure to work with and would have no hesitation in recommending him for any future works. He was able to understand the existing set-up extremely quickly & provided good feedback & suggestions for changes that improved overall functionality.”

“Paul managed a team of 3 Siebel consultants proficiently and was able to quickly identify their core competencies to enable a well co-ordinated and quality delivery. Integration of Siebel with a number of systems was a difficult and risky component of this project, but Paul quickly established a healthy rapport with 3rd party integrators to enable the best possible integration design and implementation. Overall, Paul’s commitment to meeting deadlines and quality delivery was exceptional, which greatly assisted SITEL to deliver on time and on budget in a demanding schedule.”

Callidus Software : “Very professional conduct and good knowledge of SQL and Actuate.”

Reuters: “Phil is definitely one of the better quality Actuate consultants around. His willingness to share techniques and tips is very refreshing. He is a credit to his company.”

Merchants Group : “Helen had exceptional knowledge of the product and got to grips with our system problems in double quick time. Everyone was very impressed with her abilities on a technical and personal level – she fitted in extremely well, very quickly. Helen also showed that she had excellent communication skills not only with Merchants employees but also with Merchants clients.”

Pricewaterhouse Coopers : “James has been a very skilled consultant. He was very helpful to our team. He didn’t mind taking a lot of time to coach our people”

HSBC Investment Bank : “We have been very happy with Nick’s work. He has done everything we have asked of him and has made a number of suggestions beyond the initial scope of our requirements.”

Princeton : “Paul is quite obviously well skilled and has been an extremely useful member of the team. I can state that had it not been for Paul we may well have disappointed our customer on more than one occasion.”

Syntegra : “Michael has been an invaluable resource on the project. He has approached his work in a professional manner, determined to succeed and willing to transfer knowledge and help where required. Excellent. I would be more than willing to use Michael again.”

Eimskip, Iceland : “Phil has a very good understanding of Actuate reports and has been very helpful in knowledge transfer. Many of the reports that we need to create required extra effort and Phil’s capabilities have exceeded our expectations.”

BT : “Mattias has performed a role at BT that is outside the scope of many consultants’ comfort zones or specialist knowledge areas. Given this fact, Mattias has completed his extremely challenging tasks at BT with professionalism, determination and commitment and that deserves significant praise. Siebel expertise, specifically in the area of EAI is very high. Very keen to go the extra mile to succeed, which is an imperative quality to be successful at BT.”

“A very high standard.”

BT Wholesale : “Zeshan has good technical ability, is very positive and can be left to work on his own without being managed. He is a pleasure to work with, has been extremely useful, and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Accenture (Centrica) : “Alan H has been a key member of the team and risen well to the challenges of volume of work and tight deadlines.”

Fujitsu/ICL : “Knocks spots off the others we’ve tried.”

Masterfoods USA (New Jersey) : “Besides being tenacious and NEVER giving up, being professional without being stodgy, keeping us abreast of issues that seemed to be ongoing and never ending, Paul and Jon never lost their sense of ‘mission’ while they were here. They were knowledgeable and if they didn’t know something, they used their UK brethren as resources to get the problems fixed and the issues resolved. Plus, almost as important as the background knowledge to fulfill the requirements and specs of the job, they never lost their sense of humour. No comparison. Just all top notch, professionally and personally.”

“Julian was a pleasure to work with and had a great working relationship with both business and technical associates. He offered suggestions, corrected errors and enabled us to roll out 28 reports using BIfS. He trained the members of my team in how to write and convert reports and provided excellent documentation. He trained technical associates in universe creation, error correction and anything else they would need to know from a technical perspective to install and update BIfS.”

Procter & Gamble : “My experience (3 weeks consulting) with your consultants has been excellent. In each case Chris has been our resource. He was very knowledgeable in the Siebel work we were doing. He had excellent trouble-shooting skills. Also he was very willing to help document and train on the issues and installations. Chris did not just show up, do the work and leave. He made sure the understanding of the product and knowledge needed to interact with it were also transferred. We had some very aggressive and changing deadlines for our work when Chris was here. He was confident and able to ensure we always completed the work on time. I would recommend him to those asking for Siebel consultant recommendations. A final comment would be that your consultants seem to leverage each other very well.”

Saab Cars USA, Inc. (Atlanta) : “David performed extremely well here at Saab. We had worked with him before and would surely want to work with him again. His strengths are his knowledge of Actuate, his ability to understand the customer’s needs and make suggestions which the customer doesn’t even realise are possible. He codes quickly and is very open to the customer’s needs and requests. The ROI on David’s work this past week has already been realized. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Eli Lilly : “Paul and Alan both did a fantastic job. When Customer Systems say their people are experts in the area, they REALLY ARE experts.”

“We have been using people from Customer Systems for some time now, just because we know the value they bring us.”

Warwick District Council : “Professional and conscientious. Greater knowledge of product and greater determination to succeed than other consultants.” : “Just a note to say how pleased we are with the reporting work Chris did at Languageline. He is very professional in his approach, easy to work with and highly competent. I would readily use Chris again on another project.”