OnTheMove For Salesforce

Taking the Cloud on the Road

OnTheMove for Salesforce

The premise of cloud applications is that the internet is “always on”. But for road warriors – sales representives, service engineers and other field based professionals – that is not always true. The basement, the retail store, the farmer’s field are all situations where no internet is possible and might be more than a minor inconvenience. Sales not taken, delayed customer service, notes having to be written up at night – these are real costs.

This is where OnTheMove for Salesforce comes in – offline access to mission critical data and mobile optimized data capture for Salesforce. Built with OnTheMove Platform, OnTheMove for Salesforce provides offline access to Salesforce for phones, tablets and PCs with a simple user experience that will reduce clicks and delight users.

Disconnected Mobile

Continue working with no internet connection. Robust, fast & flexible no code sync

Device Independent

Phone, tablet, PC |
Windows, iOS, Android

Link Multiple Applications

Build one user task spanning Salesforce and other cloud / on-prem applications with no data duplication

Fast Implementation

Designed to be configured to your exact process with OnTheMove Platform. Think weeks not years

OnTheMove for Salesforce - Quick Demo

OnTheMove for Salesforce - Quick Demo

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