The Product

OnTheMove allows you to access your existing business applications including Siebel, Salesforce and other CRM / ERP systems on phones, tablets and PCs. It does so with a superb modern user experience for all devices that will reduce training and support costs, and delight the users.

It allows users to work connected to and disconnected from the corporate network, and is easy to configure to your precise process.

OnTheMove Enterprise Mobility

The Technology

OnTheMove’s technology is well proven, robust, configurable and secure. It works for almost any server system. Our parent company, Customer Systems, history as the supplier of the most expert Siebel consulting services available means that we have special knowledge and technology for Siebel. Combining Siebel and Salesforce in a single application is also a speciality.


Customers across a very wide range of industries have been successful with OnTheMove. These industries include Clinical Trials, Field Service, Consumer Goods, High Technology Sales and Not for Profit.

We have pre-built functionality for many use cases which reduces the deployment effort and means that you can be benefiting from OnTheMove sooner. And, OnTheMove’s configurability means it is straightforward to either tweak one the default builds to your precise requirements or create something highly specific to you.


Great technology alone won’t make your project a success.

Though years of experience and many successful projects, we have developed a repeatable and adaptable OnTheMove implementation approach that creates high quality final solutions, aligned to your business objectives, and maximizes your return on investment in OnTheMove.

Siebel and OBIEE Consulting

The Customer Systems group also offers highly specialized Siebel and OBIEE consulting services.