Consulting – OnTheMove for Veeva

Implementation of OnTheMove for Veeva is very simple and normally will only require a few days of consulting. There are 2 important sets of activities: business and technical. For the business element, we consider customer involvement is imperative but we can lead or support. On the technical side, we can either do the whole job or support your team through the process.


OnTheMove is not about changing your existing processes. The idea is to make them easier and faster to execute. Therefore, you don’t need extensive change management, but the team needs to ensure that there are no glitches and that user expectations are correctly set.

To achieve this, if you choose to engage us, we use our “Secure Achievement” approach that embodies best practice. In summary:

  • Before formal testing, we involve users in at least 2 sessions to ensure 100% process alignment. In the second of these, the users will complete some MVRs in OnTheMove and be able to feed back on the real detail of the solution.
  • For testing, we provide our internal validation testing scripts so normally testing is restricted to the combination of OnTheMove with your Vault configuration.
  • Once testing is complete, we normally recommend starting small with say 10 to 20 users. Because OnTheMove for Veeva can be thought of as an alternative window into Veeva CTMS, there is no need to go study by study or geography by geography. Instead, if you want, the group can be a diverse cross-section of user types. The point of this approach is to iron out any small problems as early as possible. As well any configuration issues, we will want to optimize the user switch-on process, training and the week one support model.
  • And finally, as you extend the rollout, in addition to any quantitative measures, we recommend Net Promoter Score surveys to ensure that you are meeting your objectives. We also suggest running small group feedback sessions to identify if there is anything that could simplified (or added) to further improve CRA efficiency.


There are 4 semi-technical activities:

  • Install some OnTheMove items in your Sandbox Vault. For example, we recommend installing an OnTheMove permission set that contains everything required for the sync process to work.
  • Add any custom elements in your Monitoring Visit process to the OnTheMove configuration. For example, additional objects or fields. (All report template definitions come down automatically to OnTheMove from Vault, so they do not need be considered from an implementation or ongoing maintenance perspective.)
  • If you are using a 3rd party Identity Provider such as Okta, bind that into OnTheMove.
  • Migrate through into Test and Production Vaults.