OnTheMove Platform

Mobile HTML5 access to Enterprise Applications

Connected and Disconnected

Fast to create, highly tailored, task orientated user processes

OnTheMove Platform

Beneath our specific products for disconnected and connected access to Veeva, Siebel and Salesforce is OnTheMove Platform. OnTheMove Platform allows you quickly build highly efficient, task orientated, HTML5 applications for deployment on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs accessing data in almost any enterprise on-premise or SAAS application and multiple of those enterprise applications at once.

OnTheMove Platform removes the need for deep technical development skills and allows configurators to focus on business level requirements whilst still delivering world class UX.

Enterprise System Connectivity

The set of components that present data to the OnTheMove UI layer in a 100% consistent fashion regardless of source so that the OnTheMove configurator need not care about whether they are creating connected or disconnected functionality, or the peculiarities of an individual enterprise application.

Online | Offline

Common tools for connected and disconnected use | Combine online and offline data into one seamless user task

Data Providers

Query and update of enterprise applications | Conceal all application specific considerations | Open architecture - create your own Data Providers

Client Side Caching

Minimize server round trips for mobile usage | Tight configurator control over cache lifecycle

Sync Platforms

Retrieve data from enterprise applications, store it on a device and sync local changes back | Hide all application specific complexity

No Code Sync

Code free offline sync configuration | Business developers specify entities, fields and selection criteria as meta-data

Sync Platforms

Create one OnTheMove application accessing multiple enterprise application with no server side integration

Pre-built Connectors

A growing list of prebuilt data providers and sync platforms including Veeva, Siebel, Salesforce and Oracle Policy Automation

Siebel Specifics

The OnTheMove Platform Siebel Server Components and Tooling met the unique challenges of Siebel as a target enterprise application

UI and Business Logic Configuration

The tooling that allows an OnTheMove configurator to quickly and efficiently build a highly specific application.

Simple yet Fine Grained

The speed and flexibility of configuration | the option to break out into code | BUT without compromising support and upgrade

Declarative Configuration

Specify the UI control type | Link it to a data source and field | Done - you now have a working application

Large Control Library

Extensive set of pre-defined UI elements from simple text boxes to functionally rich questionnaires

Custom Controls

Option to expand supplied control library

Business Logic

Create defaults and validations in the declarative framework | Comprehensive event model with business level scripting for complex logic


Alert users to important events | Deliver alerts inside OnTheMove or via system notifications | Create curated feeds

Automated Tests

Application configuration process supports creation of automated, repeatable tests

Easy Upgrade

100% separation of customer configuration and OnTheMove standard product

Example UXs configured with OnTheMove Platform

Application Services

A set of server side, enterprise application independent services for the management and support of your OnTheMove configuration.

Reverse Proxy

Application Download and Update | Enterprise application access

Sync Logging

For disconnected usage, comprehensive logging of who synced when and any errors returned by the enterprise application

Access Rules

Easy to manage control of access to functionality and data

And More

Notifications Server | Device Management | Session Management | Adoption Statistics

Enterprise Ready

From the outset OnTheMove was designed for true enterprise wide deployments. We have a diverse range of customers whose OnTheMove deployments span multiple countries and thousands of users.

SaaS or On-Prem

Deploy SaaS or On-Prem according to connected enterprise applications requirements and organizational preferences

Auth Providers

Common framework for authorizing users into enterprise applications connected to OnTheMove | Application's own facilities | Claims Based | Windows Single Sign On | Other | Custom

Standards Based

Created using modern, yet well proven, technologies and standards including Azure, HTML5, React and Knockout

Device Independent

Phone, tablet, PC |
Windows, iOS, Android |
Web App or Hybrid Deployment