OnTheMove Platform

Mobile HTML5 access to Enterprise Applications

Offline and Online

Fast to create, highly tailored, task orientated user processes

OnTheMove Platform

Beneath our specific products for disconnected and connected access to Veeva, Siebel and Salesforce is OnTheMove Platform. OnTheMove Platform allows you quickly build highly efficient, task orientated, HTML5 applications for deployment on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs accessing data in almost any enterprise on-premise or SAAS application and multiple of those enterprise applications at once.

Features and Benefits

Fast UI Development

OnTheMove provides a declarative framework allowing developers to quickly create first class HTML5 applications. Our pre-built templates allow the majority of requirements to met with only minimal javascript skills – simply declare the UI component and the data element it maps to, and we take care of the rest. But the toolset is extensible allowing the creation of customer UI elements

Data Providers

Data Providers query and update enterprise applications in individual and very specific ways but present data to the OnTheMove UI layer in a 100% consistent fashion regardless of source. Customers can create their own data providers. We provide, out of the box, client side caching options for ultimate performance

Sync Platforms

Sync Providers are used by OnTheMove Disconnected to retrieve data from enterprise applications, store it on a device and sync local changes back. Like Data Providers they hide all particular application specific complexity from the OnTheMove UI developer

Prebuilt connectors

A growing list of prebuilt data providers and sync platforms including Veeva, Siebel and Salesforce

Application Services

A set of common server elements to be used in your application | Advanced Sync Management & Logging | User Application Access Rules | Adoption Statistics | Device Management & more

Multiple Connectors

Create one OnTheMove application accessing multiple enterprise application by using multiple data providers / sync platforms. Combine online and offline data into seamless user task

Auth Providers

OnTheMove Auth Providers give a common framework for authorizing users into enterprise applications using either the applications only facilities or mechanisms such as claims based authentication and Windows Single Sign On

Device Independent

Phone, tablet, PC |
Windows, iOS, Android |
Web App or Hybrid Deployment

Product Images

Siebel Mobile
Veeva Monitoring Visit Reports MVR
Siebel Phone
Siebel Mobile
Veeva Monitoring Visit Reports MVR
Siebel Phone