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OnTheMove Platform

OnTheMove Platform is our set of tooling that allows you to very quickly build beautiful, efficient to use and easy to support HTML5 Apps, including offline options to access standard and custom enterprise applications. Of course, OnTheMove Platform is also the technology we used to develop our specific and unique products for Veeva, Siebel and Salesforce.

OnTheMove Platform removes the need for deep technical development skills and allows configurators to focus on business level requirements whilst still delivering world class UX.

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Proven deployments from 30 users to global 1000 users+

Let’s take a closer look at the OnTheMove Platform components that provide the foundation for quickly building high quality, efficient, task orientated HTM5 applications based over your enterprise system:

Data Access Components

OnTheMove Platform Data Provider Architecture

In order to build a great UI, you’ll first need something to display on the page – data! One of the key benefits of the OnTheMove Platform is that our data provider architecture presents the data, regardless of where it’s coming from, in the same format. It doesn’t matter if your data is sourced from Salesforce or Siebel, the cloud or something custom, it all looks the same to the UI layer.

This provides additional benefits in that you can easily have a single UI based over multiple back end applications, and even transition from one enterprise application to another while maintaining the high quality UX offered by OnTheMove with minimal effort.

We have an ever growing list of ready-to-use connectors in OnTheMove Platform, from generic REST to support for standard commercial products including Salesforce, Siebel, and Veeva. If your users need to work offline, the same components can be used to create a local data store and our IndexedDB data provider means that the UI layer doesn’t care whether it is working online or offline. When it comes time to sync data back, our automatic change tracking means the application configurator doesn’t need to worry about the complexity involved – we take care of that under the covers.

What about authentication into your enterprise systems? OnTheMove Platform inherits your existing access control mechanisms so there are no additional user accounts to manage. We support everything from the more traditional username and password approach to more modern claims based techniques such as OAuth2.

UI and Business Logic Configuration

The Data Access Components are presenting us with data from your enterprise system in a nice, standard format and it’s time to get it on the screen. OnTheMove Platform offers an easy to use framework, built using the latest technology, such as React and Bootstrap. We take a mobile first approach to ensure a responsive UI, with full control over theming, and support for label translations.

OnTheMove offers straight-forward, code-free development, using our extensive library of UI components. From simple text inputs and date selectors to the more complex charts and carousels you’ll be able to find what you need. We’re always adding to the Platform, and upgrades to new releases are a clean and quick process.

Request an info pack with examples of our recent work

Is it really that easy to configure a UI in OnTheMove Platform? Yes! Check out this quick example below, where we want to add a text input for a contact’s name with a character counter:

"TextBox": {
	"value": "PersonName.RawValue()",
	"characterCount": {
		"maxLength": "100"
As you can see, we describe page layouts using metadata stored in a JSON and there are a host of properties in each UI component to provide more fine grained control over the functionality. And very soon, there will also be a Business Analyst friendly portal so you won’t need to know about JSON and we will even be pre-validating your configuration.

If you need something a little unusual that’s not in our control library or, for example, have some intricate validation rules, then that’s no problem at all. OnTheMove Platform allows you to create your own components and we have a comprehensive event model with business level scripting for more complex logic.

To discover how OnTheMove Platform can meet the demands of your particular use case, arrange techie 1-1.

Application Services

The final component of OnTheMove Platform is a growing set of services for the configuration, deployment and support of your OnTheMove App:

  • Today
    • Cloud or On-Prem options for both Apps created with OnTheMove Platform and OnTheMove Platform itself
    • A controlled reverse proxy to manage access between OnTheMove Apps and enterprise applications
    • Sync Session logging
  • Coming soon
    • Automated deployment of OnTheMove Apps and seamless migration between Dev, Test and Prod environments
    • Visual, point and click configuration of OnTheMove Apps