OnTheMove Implementation Services

OnTheMove for Siebel and OnTheMove Platform

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Great technology alone won’t make your project a success.

Though years of experience and many successful projects, we have developed a repeatable and adaptable OnTheMove implementation approach that:

  • creates high quality final solutions, aligned to your business objectives
  • ensures your configuration is best practice
  • uses our knowledge as the product authors to speed and simplify the implementation process
  • maximises your return on investment in OnTheMove

UI Process Design

A key part of the power of OnTheMove is that it can be easily configured so users are guided through a very precise process, implementing your business rules whilst retaining real UI simplicity. We know that every client and every situation is unique and we tailor our approach accordingly but UI process design is normally at the heart of what we do.

A great UI process needs to do a number of things including being really intuitive and quick to use. It also needs to fit into the context of your legacy applications over which we may have little control. The design process will typically start before you have even bought OnTheMove. Through a short and sharp series of engagements we find out what information people need to be effective in their jobs and what data they need to capture to drive internal processes. We then create prototypes of the final configuration to solicit feedback and verify it will work at both the people and technology levels.

It is a very practical process and one very focused on the task at hand. But it is also one in which we which exploit the opportunity of new and better technology to fundamentally improve life for users.

Complete Service

Around this core, we can then work with your in-house or third party team to deliver a set of services to ensure that you are successful with OnTheMove. These include:

  • Evaluation & planning
    Getting a ‘user experience’ project, be that for mobile or office users, off the ground is often a challenging process in itself. We understand these challenges and can provide an initial steer in the right direction to establish the business benefits, offer technical reassurance and map out an achievable, affordable plan to gain buy-in from project stakeholders.
  • Discovery & analysis
    Gaining an understanding of the business process is a key factor in designing and implementing a truly effective, usable mobile solution. We look at how to make the users’ lives easier and to avoid letting the technology get in the way of their day-to-day activities. We do this first by running one or two workshops where we just look at the business process, ignoring the technology, so that we can understand the task flow and identify areas where we can remove complexity and add value. We then present and refine semi-functioning mock-ups showing how OnTheMove can support and simplify the business process.
  • Application configuration & test
    With mock-ups to work from, the actual application configuration can be a relatively small part of the overall project time. We configure and test at the same time, primarily to guarantee quality, but also to build up a consistent set of tests for later testing phases.
  • Deployment & security
    Deployment and security are often major concerns in projects where systems are to be exposed to the outside world for the first time via mobile devices. We have expertise in these topics. In particular, OnTheMove supports multiple modes of authentication, both legacy such as Forms Based sign on and modern such as OAuth2 claims. We can work with both your application and security teams to chose and quickly implement the best option for you.
  • Knowledge transfer & support
    Our consultants can provide detailed knowledge transfer to your internal support team through a combination of side-by-side working, hands-on training and handover documentation. Post go-live application support (in addition to standard product support) can also be provided, usually involving the same consultants responsible for development, thus ensuring responsive, rapid turnaround to address any teething issues.

We look forward to ensuring your project is a success.