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Offline and online mobile Siebel

The Siebel UX your users deserve on desktop and mobile

Your Siebel vertical, version and configuration

OnTheMove for Siebel gives Siebel a modern, mobile first user interface and enables working offline. It supports PCs, Macs, tablets and phones, and provides a dramatically simplified configuration experience.

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OnTheMove for Siebel UX

New webinar – headless Siebel (a modern approach)

Want to solve the recognized Siebel problems of “clickiness”, lack of process, poor mobile UX and painful Open UI development?

Learn how in our webinar that shows you how to transition to a headless Siebel architecture with OnTheMove.

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OnTheMove for Siebel
OnTheMove for Siebel
Siebel UX
Siebel UX
Siebel OpenUI
Siebel OpenUI
OnTheMove OpenUI
OnTheMove OpenUI

The founders of OnTheMove have worked with Siebel for over 20 years. We have a great respect for the core technology, the pre-built vertical functionality and Oracle’s continued commitment to the platform. And, anyway, may be you just can’t go to the cloud or Siebel is too integrated into your existing processes to permit replacement.

But the standard user experience? It is too hard, it is too confusing, and it looks like it was originally designed in 1997 (because it was). This costs customers real money – more training, more support, worse data quality, disillusioned staff. The list just goes on and on.

Open UI promised a great deal but it doesn’t solve the problem. True, you can build a good, or even great, user experience in Open UI but it requires a lot of technical knowledge (web development and Siebel). Also, unless you are exceptionally skilled and careful, you will end up with something that is hard and expensive to maintain.

OnTheMove, standalone or Open UI embed, is the answer. Start thinking 2024, not 1997. Start thinking configuration, not hard core development. And start thinking weeks to fix the problem, not months or years.

Free Siebel UX Consultation

Interested in how your Siebel configuration will be enhanced with a great UX?

Book a free, no obligation session where we will create part of your process in OnTheMove in order to show you how much better your process it will be in OnTheMove. To really prove it, you will be be able to try the results on your device!

Whitepaper – Headless: A Modern Architecture for Siebel

Find out how to give the users the application they deserve for almost any version of Siebel from the last 15 years. Our whitepaper:

  • Explains a little of the technical history of Siebel and why it is the way it is today
  • Introduces the headless architecture which has become the de-facto way of building modern apps
  • Explore how the history actually helps, and how to implement headless in Siebel

OnTheMove Technology for Siebel

At its core, OnTheMove for Siebel, is an HTML5 application. But instead of being hard coded and specific to each individual Siebel configuration it is a generic framework, built using the latest technology such as React. Your specific views are defined by meta-data, not code. You can read more about the configuration platform, which we call OnTheMove Configure, and see a video of it in action here.

Siebel Interaction

So how does the HTML5 interact with Siebel? Clearly, you don’t want additional databases, you don’t want to rework your business logic, you don’t want to have to upgrade Siebel and you don’t want an additional security layer to manage. Book a configuration demo and technical deep dive to answer all your questions but in summary:

  • Online and offline are the same UI technology but with a different data source. In both cases the UI is declared through a standard, simple definition process which utilizes a large library of components and means the configurator does not need to understand the complexities of web development. Think Siebel Tools (written properly) for the web.
  • In online we pull the data directly from Siebel (headless Siebel) and in offline we synchronize to a browser data store (IndexedDB).
  • We use standard Siebel EAI technology to get data from / send it to Siebel so any logic in the SiebelBC layer remains in place. We supply standard workflows so all you need to do is declare the Integration Objects to use and the data is accessible to the OnTheMove UI. Because we have now decoupled the UI from the Siebel business layer, we can support any version of Siebel from 7.7 up and you don’t need to upgrade to have a great UX.
  • OnTheMove installs onto the Siebel Web Server layer, so normally no extra infrastructure is required.
  • As you would expect an OnTheMove for Siebel user is just a regular Siebel user so Siebel Visibility controls what data a user will see and regular Siebel Responsibilities control access to functionality.
  • In mobile offline mode, there is an additional component available if you want to route data changes on the server to users’ devices in the background. For example, to alert a service engineer to a new job.

OnTheMove was originally built for Siebel, by Siebel experts, and is the fastest, most supportable route to a great Siebel UX and great mobile access to Siebel. Obviously, we have just scratched the surface here, so do contact us if you have a question or book a no obligation techie to techie deep dive to the see the complete development life cycle in action.

Technology Intro Video

Technology Intro Video

Siebel was the first server application we supported with OnTheMove and the technology was built with Siebel in mind. In this video, we explain why OnTheMove is best way to make Siebel mobile and to provide simplified applications for all users of Siebel. In particular, we talk about how OnTheMove co-exists with Siebel Open UI and how our disconnected technology works in a Siebel context.

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Deep Dive

Book a deep dive where we will walk through the architecture of OnTheMove, how it interacts with Siebel and demonstrate the configuration process to support your Siebel environment.

Mobile Siebel with OnTheMove

Siebel Mobile
Siebel Mobile
Siebel Tablet
Siebel Tablet
Siebel Phone
Siebel Phone
Siebel Disconnected Offline
Siebel Disconnected Offline

Offline Mobile

Continue working with no internet connection. Robust, fast & flexible sync with no coding. Bi-directional background sync option

Online Mobile

Ideal for fast changing or infrequently used data. Combine with offline in one task for maximum process flexibility

Mobile First

Superb intuitive, task driven UX for Siebel designed from the outset for the phone and tablet users

Siebel First

Built specifically for Siebel.
Uses Siebel technology and thinking.
Easy for Siebel teams to implement and support

Device Independent

Phone, tablet, PC |
Windows, iOS, Android

Fast Implementation

Business Analyst orientated configuration tools. Think weeks not years. Your team or ours. Expert UX design and product implementation services available

Your Version & Vertical

Works with Siebel 7.7 to 21+ and any vertical variant. Successful customers using Siebel Field Service, CPG, CTMS, Financial Services and horizontal

For Configured Siebel

Designed for highly configured and customized Siebel. Easy upgrade between Siebel versions

Siebel Technology

Comprehensive tooling created for building mobile Siebel

Built for Enterprise

Multiple 1000 user +, multi-country, mission critical deployments in Fortune 1000 organizations


Supports multiple authentication methods. Data encrypted. Enforces Siebel Visibility and Responsibility models

Link Multiple Applications

Build one user task spanning Siebel and other cloud / on-prem applications with no data duplication

OnTheMove Mobile Siebel - Short Introduction Video

OnTheMove Mobile Siebel - Short Introduction Video

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Full Demonstration: Making Siebel Mobile

Reserve a complete, 1-1 demonstration. See OnTheMove for Siebel in action on a variety of devices and learn the implementation steps for your process.

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