“Best thing we have done in a long time”

Britvic is a leading soft drinks company operating in GB, Ireland, France and Brazil. OnTheMove was engaged by Britvic Ireland to provide a mobile solution for its sales users as a viable alternative to an existing, under used and overly complex laptop application.

Why OnTheMove

When we first started speaking to Britvic about OnTheMove, the business presented us with two clear objectives.

  • They wanted the sales reps in Ireland to be able to carry out their work more efficiently without having to use multiple devices and paper based processes.
  • They wanted better marketing feedback based on data gathered during in store visits.

OnTheMove was a very good fit to Britvic’s business requirements and soon became the obvious choice.

  • It is designed for touch-screen devices and is easily deployed on the Britvic iPads.
  • It runs disconnected, so there are no concerns about poor coverage in the more remote parts of Ireland.
  • The modern, task focused UI makes it really easy for sales users to capture information in store and to sync back to central systems via a simple tap on a button.
  • OnTheMove’s pre-built Siebel integration means that it fitted in very neatly to Britvic’s IT landscape.

Marketing Information and Order Capture

Initially the main area of focus was how best to capture data for future marketing activity. However, it soon became apparent that the sales teams had a different main motivation for using tablets in store.

They wanted, above all, to be able to capture orders during their visits, partly to achieve greater accuracy and immediacy in the ordering process, and partly to save the time and hassle of entering data manually at the end of the day. We knew that the users manually recorded stock levels on ‘stock cards’ and then used the information to work out the order quantities which they entered when they got home.

OnTheMove was configured to provide an electronic replacement for the stock card closely matching the familiar format of the physical version but also with space to record the really important order quantity. As the stock card is being filled in, OnTheMove is suggesting order quantities and generating the order automatically in the background. Sales people can then discuss the order with the customer and make any necessary adjustments before it is submitted. The big advantage of this to the users is the removal of a time consuming exercise at the end of the day. For the business it means orders are placed more promptly and calls to a central call centre to help with complex orders have virtually been eliminated.

The focus on the stock card and order capturing capability did not mean that the marketing data requirements were forgotten. Marketing data is also captured as part of the overall flow of completing a visit normally via questionnaires. In order to minimise the user impact, a questionnaire will appear only when required for a particular customer during a sales cycle. They are easy and quick to complete and, after only three months, the end users themselves are seeing the benefit of the data collection process because marketing activity is now more focused.

Success and Customer Feedback

The application was deployed to a total of 90 users over the course of one week. After a few minor teething issues, mainly due to pre-existing data quality issues, three months after deployment of OnTheMove (referred to below as SOTM), the feedback from the users is overwhelmingly positive.

Here is just some of the user and management feedback.

  • “Everyone bar none has taken to it with ease, best thing we have done in a long time.”
  • “SOTM is user friendly, easy accessible, and is taking the clutter out of the daily job!”
  • “SOTM has made our jobs a lot better.”
  • “The guys believe it is 100% better than the previous Siebel.”