Career Opportunities – Graduate Consultants (USA)

Fishers, Indiana

Would you like the challenge of being responsible for real, mission critical work now?
Do you enjoy programming but want to have a high degree of customer interaction?
Does the idea of earning $75,000 a year plus in 6 months time excite you?
If the answer to all these questions is YES, then we would like to hear from you.

OnTheMove is a software product, built using the latest technology, that provides a modern, task centric UI for corporate applications and allows organisations to deploy those applications to mobile devices. Our customers include some of the world’s biggest and best known corporations. Their deployments of OnTheMove often scale to thousands of users and for mission critical business processes.

This role is for a talented graduate to become an IT Application Consultant implementing our product for customers, and to be involved in the development of the core technology.

After the initial training period, which is typically 4 to 8 weeks, we aim to get you involved in a real customer project as soon as possible. The actual work obviously varies with your experience and the customer’s needs but typically involves:

  • Establishing customer requirements and working out the best way to implement them in OnTheMove
  • Configuring OnTheMove to customers’ requirements
  • Configuring the underlying business applications, typically but not always in the context of OnTheMove
  • Transferring knowledge to the customer about the work that we have performed for them

It is important that you are comfortable with the idea of a job that combines a lot of technical content with some customer interaction. On average the work is about 90% technical and 10% non-technical.

The role will also include some work for our development team building and supporting new features in the standard product.

The way that we train our new starters is a unique competitive advantage of ours. We often find that our consultants on their first job have more useful knowledge than people from other companies who have years of experience.

Although this role is predominantly based at our headquarters in Fishers (in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis), there will possibly be some travel to client sites, in the US and abroad. When travel is necessary, then any travel, accommodation and subsistence costs are covered.


Your progress will be dictated by your own ability and commitment. However, OnTheMove is a company that really believes in developing its employees.

The initial aim of any new consultant should be to be recognized as real expert in OnTheMove. Beyond that there are multiple examples of people who have joined us as graduates taking responsibility for the design of significant systems within 6-12 months of joining, running projects with budgets of hundreds of thousands of dollars within 1-2 years of joining, and even having sales and management responsibility for parts of our business within 2-3 years of graduating.

As an indication of our approach, every manager in the operational side of the business joined originally as a consultant or developer and has been promoted to a managerial position.

Prior Experience

We are also interested in people with 0 to 2 years high quality post graduation experience – although no amount of experience will act as a substitute for the critically important academic and aptitude requirements. For candidates with meaningful relevant experience, we would expect to adjust the starting salary appropriately.


We are also interested in people people looking for full time internships of a minimum of 12 months duration. The core requirements are the same. Salaries for interns are oustandingly high.

The Rewards

We aim to recruit the very best graduates and the salary packages that we offer reflect this.

When You Join
If you join as a new or recent graduate, we start you on a basic salary of $60,000 plus a pension contribution of up to 3% of basic salary on a matching basis. All our employees get 20 days paid vacation in addition to public holidays. We pay 100% of the insurance premium for employee’s own coverage under the group health care plan.

After 6 Months
Within 6 months, assuming normal progress, you should be on a package of about $75,000 (base + bonus + pension contribution).

When you are on an assignment some distance from the office, then all travel, accommodation and subsistence costs are covered.

The Requirements

In order to apply, you need:

  • a Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.4 or higher majoring in a numerate discipline from a reputable institution (or equivalent if you studied outside the US). We recruit from a wide range of backgrounds. We have hired consultants with degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, all the Engineering disciplines, Geography, Business/Management Studies and Computer Science. Those consultants with an arts/humanities background for a first degree have generally completed a conversion course later. All of our team have at least a Bachelors degree. Many previous recruits had a Masters degree and a few had a Doctorate
  • a high school GPA of 3.6 or better (or equivalent if you studied outside of the US)
  • excellent programming skills. It is not necessary to do have done a huge amount of programming but you need to have done enough to convince yourself and us that you have a natural flair for it. The programming experience needs to include working with a 3GL. We don’t care about particular languages although we have special interest in any of the following:
    • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript including frameworks such as React and Knockout
    • Object Oriented languages in general, especially with experience of designing class models involving a high degree of abstraction
  • the presentability, articulacy and presence for customer and prospect contact
  • enthusiasm, determination and a sense of “mission”
  • the right to work in the US. We will consider candidates with a right to work via a post study work visa if the period left on it is sufficiently long and there is a realistic prospect of us obtaining a visa after the post study work period has expired
  • self-reliance and a willingness to travel both within the US and internationally
  • any sort of professional work experience, e.g. an industrial placement, is a distinct advantage


Please send your CV, together with a covering letter, to

When applying, please:

  • specify that you are applying for the US Graduate Application Consultant role
  • provide as much detail as possible about your experience since graduation, exams taken and grades achieved
  • tell us where you first saw our recruitment advertising

We aim to have a short, simple and effective process. Once we have received your application, if we are interested in taking things further, the typical process will be:

  • a short telephone interview
  • a technical test that you can complete remotely and we would anticipate would take about 2 or 3 hours
  • maximum of two face to face interviews normally lasting about an hour each

We often make job offers within a month of receiving an initial application – sometimes even faster.