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OnTheMove Platform – Siebel Specific Features

As part of OnTheMove for Siebel we supply a set of features that install directly onto your existing Siebel infrastructure / into your Repository. They are compatible with all versions of Siebel from 7.7 to IP19+, based on standard Siebel techniques and ensure a seamless integration between the OnTheMove client side components and your configured version of Siebel.

EAI Architecture

Online and Offline OnTheMove accesses Siebel data via normal EAI processes | Pre-supplied workflows | No customer configuration required

100% No Code Sync

Integration Objects define which BCs and fields | OnTheMove Sync Rules (QBE syntax) define which rows

Incremental Sync

Bi-directional background sync | Lightweight runtime events and repeating components requests for tight Siebel integration

Existing Infrastructure

Installs on to existing Siebel Servers / Web Servers | No additional infrastructure | No additional integration


References Siebel Language Independent Codes to create specific versions

Siebel Security

Responsibilities define feature access | Siebel Visibility rules applied

Siebel Based Admin

Admin data (e.g. sync rules and logs) held in the Siebel schema | Administered via regular Siebel views and applets

Siebel Development Skills

UI and Business Logic development conceptually familiar to Siebel Tools & eScript developers | No need to be an HTML5 expert to create a great UXs

Core OnTheMove Platform

OnTheMove for Siebel